3rd Annual Enoch Office Biggest Loser Competition

Biggest LoserIn 2012, Enoch Office launched its inaugural Biggest Loser Competition. The goal: lose weight and get back into shape! The rules:

  1. Initial and final weigh-ins will be conducted on the same scale.
  2. Results will be kept by the percent of weight loss. In order to win, a person must lose at least 10% or more of his/her starting weight.
  3. “HAVE FUN,” Eat healthier (or just less), and exercise.
  4. Lay the smack talk on nice and heavy, but give lots of encouragement as well!
  5. Get Inspired & Stay Fired Up!

Well, it’s that time of year again. The employees at Enoch Office just completed our 3rd Annual Enoch Office Biggest Loser Competition. And the results are in. This year’s winner is…

 Clayton Bartholme!

Clayton lost an astonishing 30 lbs. by eating smart, cutting out soda, exercising, and cutting back on sugar and snacking.

 “For the first few weeks it was difficult,” said Clayton, “but it got easier as my body got used to less food and I started eating better.

 Clayton also had his secret weapon in his corner…his wife.

 “My wife helped a lot,” said Clayton. “Before I entered, I called her to see if she would do it with me. I knew I didn’t have a chance if she wasn’t on board.”

 Even after losing an impressive 30 lbs., Clayton isn’t finished.

 “I took the last month off for the Holidays,” said Clayton, “but I’m getting back on track & hope to drop another 20lbs.”

Congratulations and Good Luck Clayton!

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