4 Ways To Better Understand Your Millennial Employees

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How does your work environment attract millennials?

The key to a successful business is for an employer to manage his or her employees in the best way possible. Each year, more and more millennials are graduating from college and they’re trying their hand at the workforce. They may not need trophies to feel accepted, but they do need to be managed differently than their generation X counterparts. If you want to create a work environment that can profitably sustain millennials, then follow these 5 tips.

Millennials Don’t Want To Be Kept Out Of The Loop

Your company may have operated on a “need to know” basis until now, but that isn’t going to earn the trust of your millennial employees. While workers aren’t offended by being left out of key decisions that are above their pay grade, it’s important to keep them in the loop. Employees that aren’t given information feel as if their employers don’t trust them and the work environment is put at risk.

The Open Office Concept Doesn’t Work

As you scroll through Pinterest and LinkedIn, you’ll come across pictures of young people working around a community table, exchanging ideas in an open-office concept. This original theory is that this fosters communication and collaboration. However, this concept only works if everyone in the office abides by the open floor plan. If you, the employer, have a separate room from your millennial employees, you could be distancing yourself even further.

Raise > Praise

If you really want to know your employees that their work is going noticed, don’t slap a gold sticker on their paper. Show them how important they are to the company by giving them a raise, a bonus, or even a gift. Studies show that companies that give monetary incentive foster a better work environment than companies that don’t.

Millennials Want To Learn

Your millennial employees want to get the most out of their position. It won’t help you or them to hand them a pile of busy work and call it a day. Your employees want to get ahead, and they want to learn from where they are now.

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