Advertise Your Business with a Riso Digital Duplicator


Upgrade to the Riso Digital Duplicator!

Are you tired of using the same old copy machine for your business marketing plan? Are you done with dropping off flyers at the copy store, waiting for them to be finished, and then picking them up (and hoping they were done correctly)? The Riso Digital Duplicator is an awesome new piece of technology that can simplify and transform your business marketing plan for a surprisingly affordable price.

Why Digital Duplication?

Digital duplicators are digital printing machines that are designed to be used in offices or businesses. They utilize stencil or mimeograph printing technology when duplicating. Riso Digital Duplicators provide the best of both worlds, with high volume, high speed, and low cost printing. It can print up to an amazing 185 pages per minute (and completely transform the way you advertise your business).

Why Stencil Printing?

Stencil printing is the secret behind much of the Riso Digital Duplicator’s speed. Copy machines typically use one or a combination of the following printing methods: relief or letterpress, intaglio or gravure, lithographic or offset lithography, and stencil or mimeograph printing. Stencil printing reproduces the images being copies with ink that is forced through tiny holes on the original copy. Stencil printing provides a fantastic final product, along with low cost and high speeds. Stencil printing works incredibly well for all types of advertising, including flyers.

Why is the Riso Digital Duplicator So Efficient?

The Riso Digital Duplicator can reach speeds up to 185 pages per minute by utilizing a master copy positioned around the print drum. The drum rotates at a very high speed, which allows paper to be printed more quickly. The Riso Digital Duplicator also uses a domino style mechanism to neatly stack the paper as it emerges from the machine, so your stack of flyers is ready to distribute immediately.

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