Breathe in Fresh Air With an Office Air Purifier

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Avoid breathing in pollutants, odors, and allergens by installing an air purifier in your office building.

Have you ever felt like it’s harder for you to breathe in the office rather than in your home or other buildings? Maybe you sneeze too much while at your desk. Or maybe you can really feel the difference of the fresh air when you walk out to your car at 5p.m. If any of these situations sound familiar, it may be time to invest in an air purifier for your office. An air purifier can help provide healthy indoor air for everyone in the office.

Pollutants Inside Your Walls

As you walk inside a building, most people assume that they are safe from all pollutants that are outside, like car fumes and exhaust. While it may be true that you’re no longer breathing in your vehicle’s exhaust, you’re not, by any means, safe from pollutants when you walk through the front door of your office. Indoor pollutants are actually some of the most environmentally un-friendly and health concerning pollutants that are out there. The best way to prevent this health risk is to execute the pollutants at their source. Air purifiers can remove close to 100% of the pollutants in your air like pollen, dust, mold, bacteria, and odors. With an air purifier, you’ll feel like you’re breathing in the fresh air that is outside of the office walls.

Stop Allergens in Their Tracks

Office buildings are filled with allergens. Its best to take precautions when it comes to allergens before it becomes too late and everyone in the office is constantly sneezing. An air purifier can help to prevent and discard of any tiny air borne allergens, so that you’ll stay feeling and breathing well while in the office. However, an air purifier might not prevent all your air and breathing problems if anyone in the office has severe allergies or asthma. We suggest doing a deep clean of the office, including vacuuming and washing down all surfaces in addition to adding a new air purifier. When air is circulated well, you and your colleagues will be able to instantly feel a difference while in the office.

Health Benefits

While the health benefits of using an air purifier may be subtle at first, over time you’ll be able to feel the difference. When combined with some other office solutions, people working in the office will start to get more work done with a boost of energy. Breathing clean air all day can also help workers get a better night’s sleep. Reduced aggregation of lungs and respiratory processes will also reduce ailments of allergies and asthma.

Improve Your Office Air Quality with Help From Enoch Office

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