Case Study: Print Management Plan Saves School District 15% on Technology Costs

This case study focuses on one Michigan school district suffering from many of the same problems as school districts all across the nation – budget cuts and financial obstacles. But one Michigan technology service believes it has the answer to help these school districts manage technology expenses. It does not involve more budget cuts or any drastic changes in curriculum. It does not involve merging schools or shutting them down all together.


The solution is simple and cost-effective – a Managed Print Service (MPS).


Dearborn Public Schools, the fifth largest school district in Michigan saved nearly 14.6% on their technology costs simply by implementing an MPS, which helped to control and reduce print costs, streamline consumables, increase productivity, and facilitate teachers in the classroom.


Pretty impressive, huh? And the same solution can be implemented in your business. So isn’t it time you deploy a print management plan? If you answered yes, maybe it is time to take a closer look at Enoch Performance Plus.


With no upfront costs, no toner to inventory and all service & supplies included, Performance Plus is a true print management strategy that allows our customers to simply pay for the prints!


Whether the print fleet program incorporates your current printers or we install new devices, Performance Plus is a WIN-WIN for your organization!


For more information on Performance Plus, please contact Enoch Office Equipment by calling (410) 561-7600 or click here today! Follow us on Facebook and Twitter as well!


CLICK HERE for an executive summary of Performance Plus or CLICK HERE for the Performance Plus presentation.



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