How Did the Department of Human Services Save Millions with Lexmark Technology?

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Save time and money with Lexmark!

When it comes to office management, cutting costs and saving money is one of the top priorities. Thanks to Lexmark Technology’s new advancements, the massive Department of Human Services managed to save millions of dollars. How’s that for cutting down the office budget? Read on to find out how Lexmark Technology can save your office some serious dough.

What Was Lexmark Up Against?

If you think you have trouble with office management, imagine how tricky it is to work with 133 offices, 5,400 employees, and a budget of $3 billion! The Department of Human Services had over 50 different models of printers, faxes, copies, scanners, and office devices that came from a whopping 12 manufacturing companies. As a result, 2,500 mismatched devices existed across their network. Only 38% of devices were networked and they had no concrete way to keep track of what was being used, how it was being used, and when things needed to be repaired or replaced.

What Did Lexmark Technology Do?

Lexmark Technology was able to transform office management by replacing single-function devices like printers, faxes, copy machines, and scanners with devices that were capable of doing all of the above. The Department of Human Services was able to get rid of over half of their office devices, and as a result drastically improve productivity and improve the office security. Lexmark was also able to help the Department start transitioning to paperless office management. By eliminating a good amount of the paper needed, the budget was reduced yet again. Less printing means less paper, less ink, and less electricity used in the offices. By doing some or all of these things in your office as part of your office management plan, you might not be able to save millions, but you will definitely be able to save hundreds or thousands of dollars yearly.

Lexmark Technology from Enoch Office

Whether your concern is climate change or cost cutting, Enoch Office has the expertise and equipment to get your office customized perfectly to meet your exact needs. We have the skills and tools to help your transition to a paperless office as easy as possible. We have countless office solutions and types of equipment available through our website. For more information, give us a call at (410) 561-7600 or visit us online. For more information on the latest office technologies, follow us on social media at Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, YouTube, and Pinterest.

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