Do You Need an Information Health Check?


Just as our bodies need an occasional check up, so to do our information systems.

In much the same way that the blood in our body feeds necessary oxygen to all of our bodies’ vital organs, so to does data and information keep our businesses running. While you may find this to be an obvious statement, it relatively rarely leads to the obvious question: “Why?” Even more interesting is the fact that even when the question is asked, the responses are rarely the same, and depends largely on the company’s core mission. One thing for sure, however,  is that a company cannot make good decisions without good information. As the expression goes, garbage in, garbage out.

Know Your Information Needs

It’s always wise, as a first step, to define your company’s most pressing need, information-wise. Many organizations seek ways to get more data to improve their field-level logistics in several key areas, including operations, support, and sales. Often, however, when they’ve dug a little deeper, they discover that they not only have all the information they’re already looking for, but that it is also duplicated multiple places. In a way, there is actually actually too much stored information to sort through, but there is often one key piece missing that would make the difference for them.

How, where, and when information was gathered meant that there were delays in storing the data, and this impacted perceptions, both from within and externally. a company’s “how” often consists of a blend of paper and electronic files that need to be copied, printed, scanned, or faxed over. For many companies, the “where” of  this work took place both in the field to collect the information, and at the office where data entry took place. And despite mandates from management to the field, “when” data was updated sometimes meant it took a few days, and that’s with reminders to get stuff closed out.

One of the great thing about us humans is our diversity, and on so many different levels. Being human is not an excuse, but it is a fact that humans can be human, and this becomes more apparent when the ‘process’ forgets that a human – make that different humans – will be interfacing with it. The improvement ultimately came by addressing the ‘how’, ‘where’, and ‘when’ through the use of mobile technology for human input in order to connect with the information in an accurate and real-time way with reduction in duplicate data entry.

Let Enoch Office Help With Your Information Needs

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