The Importance Of Proper Document Destruction


Learn more about how document destruction can save your business!

Responsible paper shredding is crucial when overseeing the functionality of any office setting. Every business has documentation that requires secure destruction. From customer lists, confidential client information, credit card receipts, and payroll records your company is brimming with private information that, if put in the wrong hands, could result in a hefty lawsuit against you.  Avoid the possible failure of your business by reading along with us this week as we show you the importance of proper document destruction.

Shredding is Crucial!

You have a legal obligation to your clients’ and employees’ private information. If any confidential information winds up in the dumpster, it legally becomes fair game for anyone who finds it. This is why when getting rid of unneeded documents with private information on them, it’s crucial to use a paper shredder. Identity theft is one of the fastest growing crimes, and most information is obtained through hard-copy, paper sources. Shredding paper with an effective product significantly reduces your risk when disposing of important information.

Recycling Can Be Uneffective

Recyclers have no responsibility to insure the security of the paper in their custody. Important information that has not been shredded can easily be taken from a recycling bin and used to steal identities. It is crucial that you don’t make the mistake of assuming recycling important documents is an effective method of document destruction.

What Sorts of Documents Should I Shred?

Any document including a signature, account number, social security number, medical or legal information needs to be shredded. With proper document destruction, most shredders cut through paper vertically and horizontally so there is no room for any possible paper reconstruction. Invest in a professional grade paper shredder today and get that start practicing proper document destruction today.

Enoch Office Can Help!

Enoch Office has both the business process acumen to navigate you through creating an electronic capture environment that will drive profitability and the technical understanding to handle even the most complicated applications. Contact Enoch Office by writing us or calling us at 800-452-8560 or 410-561-7600.


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