Enoch Employees Deliver 3 Trucks of Clothing to the Helping Up Mission

Enoch Office Equipment employees are proud to be part of the Enoch team, where giving back to the community is an essential part of our success. This past week, several Enoch Office Equipment employees – including Rick, Sherrie, Mike, and Alex – joined WNST radio personality Drew Forrester and delivered three trucks of clothing and toiletry items to the Helping Up Mission in Baltimore, Maryland. The Mission is a faith based initiative funded exclusively through donations. This facility seeks to help not only the homeless of Baltimore, but also those fighting addiction, or individuals struggling to get back on their feet after being released from prison.

To learn more about the Helping Up Mission, Click Here.

Helping Up Mission

This is the fourth year in a row that Enoch has partnered with Forrester for this great event. It all started in 2010, when Forrester, host of WNST’s “Morning Reaction,” had a crazy idea: organize a coat drive. Forrester asked listeners to bring him coats that Friday, coats he would later hand out to the homeless of Baltimore City.

“I hoped to get 25 coats,” said Forrester, who was overwhelmed with the number of coats he received. 232 to be exact. The radio personality loaded the coats into in a truck donated by Joe Enoch, to an amazing facility called the Helping Up Mission.

Helping Up Mission

Four years later, we are still overwhelmed by the amount of clothing we receive. This year it took us three trucks to take the more than 2,000 pieces of winter apparel down to the Helping Up Mission. Wow! Thank you all from the bottom of our hearts. It is truly amazing to see the love and generosity of the people of Maryland, especially during the holiday season that is often marred by greed and commercialism. Everyone here at Enoch would like to thank you again for your generous donations!

If you have any questions or want to know how to get involved with the Helping Up Mission, contact Enoch by calling (410) 561-7600 or click here today!

We are a third generation, locally owned family company that has served Baltimore businesses since 1961.  As our industry has evolved, Enoch has been there every step of the way from the typewriter of the 1960′s and 70′s to the fax of the 1980′s to the digital color output devices and document management systems of today!

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