Enoch Evolution: Enoch’s Cloud-Based Document Management Solution

Enoch Evolution is a more secure and advanced method of document management, offering numerous benefits to you and your business.


“Enoch has always done a pretty good job with paper,” said Gary Whitbread, Enoch Office Equipment’s Director of Technical Services. “Now we are getting into document management and what to do with that paper.”


Benefits of Enoch Evolution

  • You are in Good Hands: Enoch Evolution is maintained by a staff of seasoned IT professionals. With Enoch Evolution, data back-ups, software upgrades, and general IT maintenance is done on a continual basis.
  • Communicate faster and better than ever before: Enoch Evolution supports fast, efficient, simultaneous communications between companies and individuals at multiple locations.
  • Enhanced Security: your document management applications and data are hosted in a world-class data center and accessed via secure connections over the Internet.
  • It evolves with your Business: Enoch Evolution supports virtually unlimited growth.
  • Great for Companies of Every Size: Enoch Evolution provides an alternative for smaller companies with low IT budgets, as well as larger companies wishing to outsource some or all of their IT needs.
  • Easy & Inexpensive to Implement: You don’t need to add expensive servers, software and IT resources. Enoch Evolution reduces dependence on the installation and maintenance of applications and data on every PC or server at every business location.


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We are a third generation, locally owned family company that has served Baltimore businesses since 1961.  As our industry has evolved, Enoch has been there every step of the way from the typewriter of the 1960′s and 70′s to the fax of the 1980′s to the digital color output devices and document management systems of today!


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