Enoch Networking Groups: BNI – Pikesville Friday Breakfast Platinum Chapter

In one of our previous blogs, Enoch Office Equipment and our Networking Groups, we alluded to Enoch Office Equipment’s involvement with BNI – “Pikesville Friday Breakfast Platinum Chapter.” This week, we are going to go a little more in depth into this BNI networking group, which has, as of July 1st 2012, raised $1,oo1,393 in referrals!


“That’s a lot for just a little networking group,” said Enoch sales representative of the year and BNI: Pikesville Friday Breakfast Platinum Chapter president Rick Donovan. “This is a strong group!”


About BNI: Pikesville Friday Breakfast Platinum Chapter

For those of you who do not know, BNI is the largest business networking organization in the world! The BNI group Enoch belongs to, the Pikesville Friday Breakfast Platinum Chapter, meets every Friday at the Springhouse in Pikesville from 7:30-9:00am. The chapter is currently made up of 27 strong members representing various industries.


“We are always looking for members,” said Donovan. “Commercial Realtor, Property Manager, Moving Company, Payroll Service, Electrical contractor and Commercial Janitorial Service are a few of the categories we are looking to fill.”


If anybody has interest in visiting this BNI group, they are having a Guest Day this coming Friday July 13th.


BNI weekly meetings consist of two speakers having 8 minutes each to tell their story. This week’s speakers were:


  1. Evelyn Gaines, Ceo G&G Solutions: G&G offers its clients a single point of contact for all telecommuication and computing needs. The company’s clients rely on them for everything from negotiating their carrier service agreements and project managing network implementations to supplying a carrier neutral Telecom Help Desk to troubleshoot all phone issues for all their locations.
  2. Tom Gould, Esq., Mobile Mediator: Tom is an attorney/mediator and conflict coach. He helps people and organizations resolve disputes with honesty, integrity, compassion and understanding. He encourages and promotes dialogue, which leads to a better understand of the conflict. This provides opportunities to find a resolution acceptable to all parties.


“We are a family caring and looking out for each other,” said Donovan in regards to this BNI networking group.


If you have any questions about BNI or Enoch’s Other Networking Events, contact Enoch by calling (410) 561-7600 or click here today!


Enoch President Joe Enoch, 2011 sales representative of the year Rick Donovan, and the entire Enoch team strongly believe in networking!


“It’s networking morning, noon, and night,” said Donovan.


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