Enoch Office Equipment is Proud to Welcome Alec Galler to the Family

Enoch Office EquipmentWhile technology has and always will play an important role in what we do here at Enoch Office Equipment, business is still done by people. It is these people that continue to help Enoch – a third generation, locally owned family company that has served Baltimore businesses since 1961 – evolve alongside our industry without missing a beat. While other businesses have faded into the sunset, failing to adapt to an ever-changing industry, Enoch has been there every step of the way, from the typewriter to the calculator to the fax to the copier to the fully connected digital systems of today.


We are extremely proud of the team we have assembled and the tenure that our employees have in their field. We understand that to consistently achieve the level of service our clients demand, we must employ the most qualified sales, service and administrative professionals in our industry. This is why we are happy to welcome Alec Galler into the Enoch family.


Alec is a Baltimorian, born and raised. However, he admits that he still has a lot to learn about the city he calls home.


“As a born Baltimorian, I never realized how little I knew the area until I began working at Enoch as a dispatcher about three weeks ago,” admitted Alec, who previously worked full time as a bartender. “This is definitely a new experience for me to say the least, though the transition has been pretty smooth thus far.”


Alec admits that he never thought he would be working in a professional environment, like Enoch, sitting at a desk at 8:30AM drinking a cup of coffee, but he has enjoyed the experience so far. And according to Alec, dispatching and bartending are not that dissimilar. Both have a lot to do with customer service, so Alec has had no problem adjusting.


Outside of work, Alec is a musician.


“It is definitely something I look forward to every week whether it be rehearsals or weekend gigs or recording studios,” said Alec. “Music is my thing I guess you could say. I went to school for audio engineering so I could learn to record and do live sound. Not to mention it was a lot easier than my previous major: Computer Science.”


Alec is also an avid Baltimore Ravens fan, though he admits he has been very unimpressed with the team’s first two showings.


“The Broncos are one thing, but struggling against the BROWNS?!”


We think Alec will fit in just fine. Welcome to the Enoch family!


If you have any questions or wish to inquire about future employment opportunities at Enoch, contact us by calling (410) 561-7600 or click here today! Once you join Enoch, you will embark on a career path that will offer an extremely competitive compensation package that includes terrific company benefits, aggressive incentive programs and the opportunity for advancement and long-term growth.


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