FileSight Allows For The Easy Location Of Important Office Files And Documentation


Learn the benefits FileSight brings to your office!

If you and your employees constantly find yourselves hunting for files, it is definitely impacting your bottom line. The more user-friendly your office technology, the more organized and on the ball you will be able to be. This translates to happier employees, more consistent and timely service, and happier customers and clients who return time and time again, refer others and speak highly of you on social media. You can have all of this and more with FileSight.   

What Is FileSight?

FileSight is an enterprise search solution. Essentially, it allows and enables employees to easily locate the files, data, and other information they need without stress or struggle. This allows them to be more efficient and productive.

What Can FileSight  Do For You?

FileSight leaves your content exactly where it is while making it instantly available to all of your users in a secure environment. It utilizes whatever security software you already have in place, meaning that sensitive information is only viewed by those who are meant to see it.

What Are The Benefits of FileSight?

  • There is no overhead, as there would be if you were to undergo moving, migrating, or converting only a single piece of data.
  • It takes the pressure off of your employees. Users will not need to divert their attention or spend their valuable time on preparing, organizing, and/or tagging vast amounts of files.
  • FileSight does not require any complex integration or custom coding.  
  • When you utilize this technology properly, you can both rapidly deploy and realize immediate value.
  • FileSight is nearly universally compatible, making it easy to harness its power and experience its many benefits. You can drop it almost anywhere. This includes servers, clouds, and hybrid infrastructures.  

The Problems Posed By Non-Useful Document Searches

Complicated document searches which do not actually find documents have become a huge problem for many organizations across a wide array of industries. In fact, studies indicate that there is an unheard of level of frustration and inefficiency when it comes to the average corporate user. They cannot find the information and data they need to efficiently do their jobs. This can be corrected with FileSight.

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