Why a Good Chair is a Necessity

Young businessman has backache at work with a laptop

What kind of office chair are you using?

When it comes to choosing office furniture, many businesses focus on finding the most cost-effective solutions to their furniture needs. Many times, this furniture does well in the short term but can lead to issues in the long term, and not just in your office! Good office chairs are crucial for making sure that your employees stay happy and healthy inside and outside of your office. Why is a good office chair a necessity and not just a nice thing to have?

It’s All About Your Back

The primary reason to invest in a good office chair is to support your back. Good chairs, regardless of where they are, provide good lumbar and pelvic support so that you sit naturally and comfortably for longer. The less strain on your back muscles, the most comfortable you are. Many inexpensive and poorly designed office chairs do not offer the right combination of lumbar and pelvic support, so after sitting down most of the day people experience lower back pain. This lower back pain can even turn into herniated discs or other severe back issues.


Think of how much work you feel like doing when you are experiencing a headache or discomfort—probably not much! If you don’t have good back support from your office chair, you can experience a myriad of discomforts including backaches, headaches, bad concentration, and drowsiness. All of these things can lead to drastically decreased productivity across your office. By choosing a quality office chair, you and your workers will be more comfortable and benefit from better concentration, the ability to work comfortably for longer periods of time, and no pain.

How Can You Pick the Right Office Chair for Your Workers?

First, assess the needs of the audience (just like you do during the workday). Do you already have back problems and need something that can help a little extra? Make sure that you pick an office chair that offers both lumbar and pelvic support, not just one or the other. Make sure to test the chairs out whenever possible to ensure that they will be up to the task.

Get the Perfect Office Chair for You Through Enoch Office

Whether you are looking to prevent back issues with the perfect chair or treat back issues with a better office chair, Enoch Office has the expertise and equipment to get your office customized perfectly to meet your exact needs. We have countless office solutions and types of equipment available through our website. For more information, give us a call at (410) 561-7600 or visit us online. For more information on the latest office technologies, follow us on social media at Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, YouTube, and Pinterest.

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