Incorporating a Print Management Strategy into Your Business Plan


Even in today’s digital world, documents continue to drive business with 1-3% of most company’s annual revenue being consumed by document production. And that expense continues to grow annually. Office print usage rises by as much as 11% per year for monochrome and 19% per year for color. With these expenses continuing to rise, it leaves most business owners wondering if there is a better way to do business.


There is.


A Print Management Strategy allows you to control these expenses by outsourcing the management of your fleet of printers. With this type of service, you only pay for the prints you use.


A Print Management Strategy is an effective way to reduce expenses while also increasing productivity.


If you feel your business could benefit from a managed print service, look no further than Enoch Office Equipment. Enoch is proud to introduce one of the industry’s most innovative Print Management Programs – Performance Plus!

What is Performance Plus?


It is an “end-to-end solution” that provides the necessary services required to control your output costs.


– Access your current printing environment, provide timely proactive maintenance, ongoing assessment and optimization

– Creates a cost per page plan that covers consumables and service

– Develops a comprehensive floor plan to replace outdated hardware

– Gives your organization control over print routine


Enoch Performance Plus Program allows you to optimize business processes and revolutionize the way you manage your fleet of printers and MFPs. With no upfront costs, no toner to inventory and all service & supplies included, Performance Plus is a true print management strategy that allows our customers to simply pay for the prints!


Whether the print fleet program incorporates your current printers or we install new devices, Performance Plus is a WIN-WIN for your organization!


For more information on Performance Plus, please contact Enoch Office Equipment by calling (410) 561-7600 or click here today!


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