International Print Day 2016 is Today!

Magnifier and test print

Happy International Print Day!

Today is International Print Day! The mission of today is to provide education and information to the global print and integrated marketing community through 24-hour open knowledge sharing! Consumers and distributors alike have the opportunity to access information about global companies, products, services and the chance to network with global participants.


Our goal is to trend WORLDWIDE and remind everyone, not in the industry that print is truly everywhere. This means sharing information related to print and integrated marketing on social media and other international platforms.


You can participate in International Print Day by sharing your projects, blogs, and news online will the hashtag #IPD16! Share links to great digital media and print that incorporates marketing technologies. Connect globally with other print manufacturers and enthusiasts. Today, we are all connected through our love of print!

In the USA

Use the following social media platforms to follow this International event in your country. Twitter: @IntPrintDay
Facebook: International Print Day
LinkedIn: International Print Day Group

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