Is it Time to Upgrade Your Company’s Document Management?

Document management: what does it mean to you? How does your company address it? Are you operating as efficiently as you can? These are just a few of the questions you need to ask yourself.


Additional Document Management Questions

  1. Are you doing any scanning of paper documents now?
  2. How is that working for you?
  3. Is it easy to find what you’re looking for when you need it?
  4. Do you find the windows folder tree cumbersome?
  5. Are the documents you scan in secure? Can other people access them and or delete them?
  6. What about all other types of documents in your organization (Fax, Email, and Email attachments, Word or Excel Documents) how do you secure and organize them?
  7. Do you have a shared drive in your company to collect documents? Do documents sometimes get altered or deleted on the shared drive?
  8. Are you looking for a more efficient process to store, secure, backup and distribute “all the different types of documents” in your office so there is only one place to look for a document regardless of how it was created?
  9. Are you subject to any Audits or compliancy issues in your company? (SEC, HIPPA, FMLA)
  10. Have you ever thought of turning your documents into Smart documents, meaning that they have a purpose to notify someone or trigger an event that that can be tracked and controlled in a workflow?


If any of these questions hit home with you please give us a call to set up a meeting and see if we might have a solution for you…Enoch Evolution our Document Solution. Imagine having any document, from contracts to e-mails to invoices and so much more, a fingertip away. All of that is made possible with Enoch Evolution. Your document management applications and data are hosted in a world-class data center and accessed via secure connections over the Internet.


Enoch can help any size office with their document management needs. To get started, simply Click Here to request an Enoch Solution Group consultant contact you and show you how to incorporate document management solutions into your office.


If you have any questions about Document Management and Enoch Evolution, please contact us by calling (410) 561-7600 or click here today! You can follow us on Facebook and Twitter as well!

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