Joe Enoch Shows His True Colors…Orange and Black :: Let’s Go O’s!

Right around the All Star break, the Baltimore Orioles had showed a small glimmer of hope of being a .500 baseball team. Around the same time, Joe Enoch, president of Enoch Office Equipment, was having a conversation with a few Enoch employees, Rick Donovan and Sherrie Jones. The three, being big Orioles fans, started talking about the possibilities of Baltimore making the playoffs for the first time since 1997. Then, inexplicably, Joe Enoch blurted out that if the Orioles made the playoffs in 2012, he would run down York Road in his underwear.


At that moment, Sherrie gave him a chance to back out of it.  He didn’t.


“We’re not going to forget something like that,” said Donovan, who immediately went out and bought a pair of orange and black boxers, which were put on display at Enoch as a reminder of Joe’s promise.


And guess what? The Orioles made the playoffs. And guess what else? Joe stuck to his word!


On Wednesday, October 3rd at 4:00 pm, Joe Enoch ran down York rd. in Timonium, Maryland sporting the orange and black boxers that Rick bought him, along with a orange and black feather boa, and a Best Buddies Maryland t-shirt.



The event generated a lot of buzz. 106.5 FM talked about Joe’s run on their morning show and WJZ Channel 13 even sent a crew to cover the spectacle.


Oh yea, and one last thing…Go O’s!!!

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