Join the Pikesville BNI Networking Group for Visitors’ Day

Pikesville BNI Networking

In 2014, BNI networking groups across the globe generated 6.6 million referrals resulting in $8.6 billion dollars’ worth of business.

Networking, when done right, can be a powerful business tool. And if you have ever visited this blog before, you know that President Joe Enoch and the entire Enoch team strongly believe in networking.  As Rick Donovan, Enoch’s two-time Sales Representative of the Year, once famously said, “It’s networking morning, noon, and night.”

Enoch is a third generation, locally owned family company that has served the city of Baltimore since 1961. As our industry has evolved, Enoch has been there every step of the way, from the typewriter of the 1960′s and 70′s to the fax of the 1980′s to the digital color output devices and document management systems of today! And we think networking has played a very large role in our success.

So what is all the fuss about? Well, why not find out for yourself!

Experience the Power of Networking Firsthand at the Pikesville BNI Visitors’ Day

With over 180,000 members worldwide, Business Network International (BNI) is the largest networking organization in the world. In 2014, BNI networking groups across the globe generated 6.6 million referrals resulting in $8.6 billion dollars’ worth of business. In 2012 alone, the Pikesville BNI networking group generated more than $1,500,000 in referrals between its 27 members.

“That’s a lot for just a little networking group,” said Rick.

So we invite you to come out Friday, September 25th from 7:30 AM to 9:00 AM to see what makes this little networking group such a big success and one of the strongest chapters in all of BNI.

Reserve Your Spot

“We are always looking for members,” said Donovan. “We are a family caring and looking out for each other.”

Benefits of membership include not only exposure to local businesses and networking opportunities, but also tools to network more effectively and opportunities to participate in many networking meetings and more! So we encourage you to come out this Friday and see what the Pikesville BNI group is all about.

“This is a strong group,” added Rick.

If you have any questions about the Pikesville BNI Networking Group, please contact Enoch Office by calling (410) 561-7600 or Click Here and fill out our online contact form. No matter what the product or service, we will continue to offer the highest level of customer service, support and expertise that the Enoch family has been providing Baltimore businesses. We are committed to providing our customers with office solutions today and the assurance that we will be there to support them tomorrow.

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