Laserfiche Imaging Solutions Case Study: Brown Metals Company


Sometimes, keeping track of tons of paperwork can be enough to negatively effect business operations – adversely impacting employee moral and production. This was the very real problem that Brown Metals Company ran into.


Brown Metals Company boasts the largest inventory of thin-gauge stainless steel coil on the West Coast. But as the company grew, it struggled to keep up with order-related paperwork.


Just take a look at the wild ride paperwork took at the Brown Metals Company


  1. When an order shipped, the accompanying paperwork first went to the company’s accounting and quality assurance departments for review
  2. It then went to the file room.
  3. When a customer called with an order-related question, staff had to leave their desks and visit each of these locations in turn to search for the relevant document, while the customer waited on the phone.
  4. If the document was sitting on someone’s desk or had been misfiled, staff would have to undertake a more exhaustive search and return the customer’s call once they’d found the necessary information.


Employees at the Brown Metals Company eventually said enough is enough and, Brown’s CIO, Justin Lasley, began to look into digital document management solutions.


The solution: Laserfiche Imaging Solutions!


Now, when staff scan order-related paperwork into the Laserfiche repository, the Quick Fields™ module reads a bar code printed on each document and automatically populates the document’s template fields with relevant metadata. This is then retrieved from the company’s orders database.


“Laserfiche has definitely helped us increase employee productivity, provide better customer service and distinguish ourselves from the competition,” said Lasley.


Now, the Brown Metals Company staff can quickly locate a document using any piece of information they have, including customer name, invoice number, sales order number, purchase order number, part number or ship date—without leaving their desks.


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