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A managed print strategy can boosts productivity by maximizing system uptime, thus maximizing profitability. The key to deploying an effective print strategy is to understand your current environment and getting it under management.


Benefits of a Managed Print Strategy

  • Optimize Business Efficiency
  • Reduce Cost
  • Better Utilize Current Equipment: The key is to not buy new equipment, but to better utilize the equipment you already have. Chances are that you have more equipment than you really need, anyway.
  • Outsourced Printer Management: Once you fully understand your current volumes, usage patterns, and cost, the next logical step is to outsource printer management. A managed print service will manage your fleet on a usage-based model, which includes supplies, service and support.
  • Optimization: Once your fleet is under management, you can work will your provider to review your current usage and implement further recommendations to optimize printing infrastructure.


So if you are looking for a way to increase productivity while also reducing expenses, a Print Management Strategy, like Enoch’s Performance Plus, just makes sense.


Benefits of Performance Plus


With no upfront costs, no toner to inventory and all service & supplies included, Performance Plus is a true print management strategy that allows our customers to simply pay for the prints! Whether the print fleet program incorporates your current printers or we install new devices, Performance Plus is a WIN-WIN for your organization!


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