New Document Management Products Launch: MaxxDocs 5.0

MaxxVault LLC recently announced the release of MaxxDocs™ 5.0, an improvement upon their powerful yet easy to use document management solution. Key improvements include:


•      Enhancements to the Barcode Engine.

•      New Image Recognition Scheduler Object to run OCR or barcode recognition at a scheduled time.

•      User can specify the OCR page count on Image Recognition or File Import Schedules.

•      Customizable Toolbars

•      Documents can be emailed with annotations.

•      “Burn Annotation” button has been added to the document toolbar in the document viewer.

•      When merging documents, annotations are merged as well.

•      Faster page navigation.

•      Indexing screening retains location preference.

•      Enhanced Viewer Clarity.


MaxxDocs captures documents from scanners, MFPs, network folders, etc. then indexes those documents as text files for quick retrieval and easy manipulation. This allows you, the user, to control these documents just like a paper files with notes, highlights and redactions.


So what does all of this mean for customers of Enoch Office Equipment?


MaxxDocs 5.0 will be included, at no additional charge, with every bizhub Enoch sells in Q4 2011. For more information, please contact Enoch by calling (410) 561-7600 or click here today!


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Announcing MaxxDocs 5.0!

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