Ode To The Cubicle


Getting comfortable with your cubicle is easier than you think.

Just about everyone who has worked in an office knows the word, whether it sends shivers of delight or dread down their spines—cubicle. While cubicles are a hot topic in the world of office furnishings, they serve many practical purposes. There’s a good reason why everyone has worked in one at some point during their careers! Here are some of the many reasons why we love cubicles and see them as important parts of every office.

The Right Balance

Cubicles allow workers to have the perfect balance of privacy and collaboration. They are somewhat open but still allow for alone time. Cubicles help workers to stay on task since they know anyone could walk by and see their Facebook open instead of their spreadsheets. Since cubicles are still open, they don’t prevent workers from interacting as needed during the workday. If someone has a question, they can easily pop by without needing to knock on a door or feel like they are interrupting.

Maximize Your Office Space

Many offices have dreams of bigger space but financial constraints that prevent that from coming to fruition. If you want the illusion of more space and enough individual “offices” to meet the needs of all of your employees, cubicles are a fantastic solution. Cubicles can be made in just about any size and adjusted as needed. They allow each worker to have their own individual area and make a small room feel much larger. Cubicles also force workers to keep their messes to themselves, so papers won’t be traveling from desk to desk by accident.

Improve Your Workflow

Best of all, cubicles encourage productivity. Most workers are at their best when they are allowed to do their work, and cubicles foster just that. When people are able to work in cubicles they focus better, increasing their productivity and adding to your bottom line.

Office Solutions from Enoch Office

Whether your concern is increasing productivity in your office or cost cutting, Enoch Office has the expertise and equipment to get your office customized perfectly to meet your exact needs. We have the skills and tools to help your transition to a paperless office as easy as possible. We have countless office solutions and types of equipment available through our website. For more information, give us a call at (410) 561-7600 or visit us online. For more information on the latest office technologies, follow us on social media at Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, YouTube, and Pinterest.

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