Office Moving and Relocation Checklist

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What to do when you move your office.

Office relocation can be a huge pain—coordinating employees to help out with the job, making sure all of the file cabinets make it to your new destination and setting up all of your technology equipment at your new location. Here is an easy checklist to get you through the office moving process and keep all of your office furniture in one piece.

Start Early

The best way to prepare is by starting early. Once the new office has been chosen, start preparing your office and office furniture for the move.

  • Measure the new office and work on a layout using existing office furniture and new office furniture
  • Inspect the office to make sure there is no mold or health hazard present
  • Contact office movers to see what your options are

One Month Out

Now that the move is getting closer, it’s time to get serious about your preparations.

  • Check all of your electronics to make sure that they are in working order
  • Contact all of your suppliers, utilities, cleaning services, and clients about the move and if you will be closed at all during the process
  • Have your business address changed on your tax paperwork and state registrations
  • Set up a forwarding address with the post office so that no packages or letters get lost in the shuffle

Time to Move!

Now that the move is here, it’s time to get everything ready to go.

  • Check your existing space and fix any problems that could affect your lease or deposit
  • Get your IT service to set up the cables, wiring, servers, and computers at the new location
  • Make sure that furniture is properly handled and wrapped so that it isn’t damaged during transit
  • Label things and have printouts of the office diagram available for movers to make sure everything ends up where it should

New Office Furniture from Enoch Office

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