Rick Donovan’s Networking Tips: Networking Morning, Noon, and Night!

As a third generation, locally owned family company, we at Enoch Office Equipment have learned a thing or two over the years. And as a family business, we pass this way of doing business down from generation to generation. And one of the most important things we have learned, as 2011 sales representative of the year Rick Donovan is about to explain, is that networking, when done right, can be a powerful business tool.


Enoch Office Equipment President Joe Enoch, Rick, and the entire Enoch team strongly believe in networking!


As Rick once said, at Enoch “it’s networking morning, noon, and night.”


Rick Donovan’s Networking Tips


  1. Build Trust: Be genuine and authentic, always building trust. Always ask how you can help your fellow networkers. After all, networking is about building relationships. You are there for them, not yourself…
  2. Be Prepared: Preparation is key. Think about the people you might be meeting and check Google and LinkedIn to gather additional background information. Also start thinking about some open ended questions you might use.
  3. Show you Care: Remember your fellow networkers’ names and what they do.
  4. Don’t be all Business: Start a conversation on a light note and try to find common ground. You want the conversation to feel relaxed and casual.
  5. Give Referrals to get Referrals: Be sure to give good referrals and if possible contact the referrals to inform them of person contacting them.
  6. Have a Clear Message: Have a clear message of what your company does and what differentiates you from everybody else.
  7. Your Actions have Consequences: When given referrals quickly follow through. Remember your actions reflect on the person who gave you the referral.


There are several reasons that have allowed Enoch able to evolve along with our industry, from the typewriter of the 1960′s and 70′s to the fax of the 1980′s to the digital color output devices and document management systems of today. And one of these reasons is networking!


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