Signs Your Office Needs an Air Purifier


Have you been sneezing lately?

Air purifiers are the perfect remedy to allergies, stinky smells, and even snoring. If you experience any of these symptoms, it may be time for an air purifier. Clean air is the basis for clean health, and if you or your employees see any of the following signs, invest in an air purifier!

Excessive Sneezing

Sneezing is a sure sign of an allergy to pollen or dust. Pollen and dust is just a couple of pollutants that could be floating around your office. The best purifiers contain HEPA filters with high CADR ratings that with help rid your home from airborne allergens.

Stinky Smells

Particularly found in older buildings, the air smells stale and unclean. Air purifiers remove volatile organic compounds, typically found in carpeting, adhesive, and disinfectants.

Dust Bunnies

Dust bunnies are easily detected on hardwood floors but can be found almost anywhere in the office. If you see a buildup of dust bunnies, then you need an air purifier to reduce the amount of dust that circulates through the office.

Lingering Cigarette Smoke

Second-hand smoke sticks to clothing and other surfaces. When one of your employees goes out for a smoke, they’re typically bringing that bad smell back with them. An air purifier is a perfect way to relieve from second hand smokes.

Need An Air Purifier for Your Office?

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