The Benefits of Wireless Printing


wireless printing

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Conducting business while out and about is becoming increasingly more common in today’s world. The ability to meet face-to-face with clients via smartphones, tablets, desktops, and laptops is making business relation more convenient. Although the information we pass along to one-another is paperless, every once in awhile something needs to be presented as a hard copy. Most of us hate this. We frantically text our friends, looking for someone who might still have that printer from college before begrudgingly stepping into a local public library. Even if we luckily find someone with a printer, the hard copy we need may only be on our phones. The advent of wireless printing has made this technological nightmare into an easy, convenient part of business communications. Let’s explore the benefits of this relatively new technology.

No More Wires

Classic printing usually involves connecting many of your devices to the printer via USB chords. If you have multiple devices plugged into your printer, this will create a mess of wires in the back. These wires are unsightly, cluttered, and disorganized. They can make your work area very disorganized which will cause you a lot of stress. Wireless printing uses Wi-Fi to connect all your devices to one printer without a tangled mess of wires! This will really clear up your workspace, and you won’t need to worry about fumbling through all those wires to plug in another device.

Location Flexibility

When using a traditional printer, you are required to stay within certain physical parameters for cables to reach your laptop/desktop. With wireless printing, you can print on the go! This will increase your productivity exponentially. Think about it. If you’re out to lunch with a client and get an email about an upcoming meeting requiring 20 copies of training instructions for your staff, you can pull up the document on your phone, print it, and when you get back to the office 20 freshly printed pages will be waiting for you.

The Cloud has your Back

With the advent of the Cloud, data storage via internet connection has paved the way for efficient business communication. The Cloud makes it easy to share documents between devices and people. Classic printing involved downloading documents onto the printer itself in order to make copies. With wireless printing, the document is printed directly from the Cloud, which means no slow downloading process. You can even print documents directly from the internet while sitting in your car or taking a lunch break.

Wireless Printing is Multifunctional

Not only can you print with ease, but you can also scan, copy, and even fax all documents from one printing device. Gone are the days of operating multiple machines to receive important documentation. Any document you scan, copy, or fax can be sent directly to your smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop. You can also send documents to be faxed or saved on the printer from any of these devices. You work life will become far less stressful, and cost efficient with wireless printing.

Wireless Printing is Extremely Cost Efficient

Even though these printers are costly, they will save you a ton of money in the long run. Wireless printers use toner that lasts several times longer than traditional ink. The rate at which you need to replace them will be much lower. Slower replacement of toner means more money in your wallet. Also, the fact that wireless printing is multifaceted will remove your need to purchase copiers, scanners, and fax machines. That’s a huge amount of money that can be pocketed instead of wasted.

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