The Orioles Win it All!

No, not those Orioles. We are talking about the Seventh District Orioles, the little league baseball team that just won the championship this past Wednesday, beating the Pretty Boy O’s 6-5.


Little League Baseball


So why are we telling you about a little league baseball team? Well, guess who plays on that baseball team? None other than Jack Enoch (pictured above), son of Enoch Office Equipment President Joe Enoch, who volunteers his time to help coach his son’s team.


Joe Enoch talks to the team


As a third generation, locally owned family company, Enoch was built and has thrived because of three things: great products, superior customer service, and family. Needless to say, the Enochs know a thing or two about the importance of family. That is why Joe Enoch takes the time to help coach his son’s little league team. And that is why Jack’s mother, Candace, and two sisters, Emma and Caroline, could be seen and heard at the championship game. The three were extremely vocal in their support of Jack’s team.


Jack Enoch on third and dad coaching


The game was close the whole time, but the Seventh District Orioles pulled it out in the end, 6-5, behind a stellar defensive effort that included a double play (the team converted four double plays total and even a triple play on the season)!


“Can’t wait till next year,” remarked Jack.


Little league can be a very significant experience for a child, providing life lessons and instilling values that can only be learned on the baseball diamond. Below are just a few of these advantages:


  1. First and foremost, little league baseball helps a child become a better player, teaching them the fundamentals of the game and helping them improve their skillset.
  2. Secondly is work ethic. Little league helps teach a child the importance of hard work. In order to succeed in the game of baseball, you need to work at it. This includes doing your best at practice as well as working independently. Remember the old adage, practice makes perfect!
  3. Little league helps instill the importance of teamwork in a young child. Baseball is a game dependent on the efforts of each and every player on the field. You win as a team and lose as a team.
  4. Finally, little league baseball helps children for friendships that can last a lifetime!


Congrats Seventh District Orioles!

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