Top Five FAQ’s for Responsible Shredding & Document Destruction

Document DestructionResponsible shredding and document destruction is an important aspect of any business, large or small. But why? What are the best practices for document destruction? And why outsource? These are just a few of the questions we will answer in today’s blog.


Top Five FAQ’s for Responsible Shredding & Document Destruction

Question: Why should my company shred documents?

Answer: Not only will shredding documents keep your sensitive information safe, but you also have a legal responsibility to keep employee and customer information from falling into the wrong hands. Simply throwing documents away is not enough. You need to destroy the documents.


Q: Since we have a paper shredder in our office, why do we need to outsource paper shredding?

A: Yes, an office paper shredder is nice, but most cannot accommodate sizable quantities of documents. And they take forever. Larger document shredders, meanwhile, cost a lot. All of this makes outsourcing the most effective and cost-effective way to dispose of your sensitive documents.


Q: Can I witness destruction of my confidential materials?

A: We understand if you would like to witness the destruction of your documents. This is why Incred-a-Shred offer on-site monitoring through cameras installed in the shredding and collection compartments in the trucks.


Q: Is a shredding schedule necessary?

A: Adhering to a schedule helps to further limit your risk. Incred-A-Shred will schedule a regular time – daily, weekly or monthly – to destroy and then recycle your sensitive material.


Q: Do you offer a certificate of document destruction?

A: At Incred-A-Shred, we issue a Certificate of Destruction form – including data and method of destruction, description of the disposed materials, dates covered, statement that records were destroyed as part of the normal course of business, and signatures and names of individuals supervising and witnessing the destruction – when records have been destroyed.


Enoch offers these services through its partnership with Incred-a-Shred, a National Association for Information Destruction (NAID) “AAA” certified provider. We adhere to all applicable laws, regulations and guidelines.  Our Promise to You: No data recovery software in the world will be able to retrieve any confidential data from anything you turn over to Enoch and Incred–A–Shred!


For more information on Responsible Shredding & Document Destruction, please contact Enoch Office Equipment by calling (410) 561-7600 or click here today! Our paper shredding service will securely eliminate confidential information.

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