Top Office Design Trends to Boost Productivity

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Designing a productive office is simpler than it seems!

When it comes to designing your office, there are tons of things to take into account, from the furniture to the layout, to where exactly you will put all of your employees and office supplies. Here are some of the current top office design trends to help boost productivity in your office.

Free Your Mind

Create a freeform lounge for employees to take a break, eat their lunches, or just stretch their legs. Multipurpose spaces are attractive to employees that shun the break room since they offer a variety of activities. Make sure that this area of your office is designed to be flexible and open. While encouraging breaks might seem like it’s the opposite of boosting productivity, workers who take short breaks more frequently are more productive than those who stay chained to their desks.

Get Colorful

Color coding seems like something you would see in a kindergarten classroom instead of an office, but it has a lot of smart uses in your office design. Color helps people to retain and access information more quickly, so this office design trend can really boost productivity for your employees. Use colors that are shown to boost happiness or enhance productivity like blue, yellow, red, and green throughout your office or to signify different areas of the office (like a break room, financial, writers, etc.).

Let the Outside In

Working long hours in a cubicle can be draining, so experiment with different ways to bring the outside inside. Try adding plants like charming flowers or gorgeous greenery to your office. Recent studies have shown that adding plants to an office can increase reaction time, help employees process information more quickly, and improve manual dexterity by an amazing 12%. Plants also help remind workers of the world outside and feel more relaxed on stressful days.

New Office Furniture from Enoch Office

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