Using A Scanner Can Clear Your Office Space Instantly


Using a scanner can do wonders for your workspace.

There is a high likelihood that your office is cluttered with unnecessary amounts of paper. In today’s market, we have the technology available to address this issue. Scanning systems are available to convert all those old-fashioned paper documents into electronic files with ease. By trimming down the paper, an office will have more space to be productive. As a result, increased productivity leads to heightened customer satisfaction. It is important to be aware of the multiple types of scanning options and features available.

Scanning Options

After you purchase your device you can decide how exactly you wish your files to be converted. Scanning systems have the ability to allow the user to select the sizing and color of their choice. In Addition, there is the option of just “scanning” which essentially takes the document and converts it to a digital image or “scan & send” which does the same thing but allows you to send the file via email.

Scanning Features

Some of the features include secure scan which requires a password to access your document, optical character recognition (OCR) that allows you edit and search a pdf file, compact/compressing feature that addresses issues when scanning and sending files are too big, and divide which means taking a file that cannot be sent in single email because of its size and sends it in multiple emails.

Office Organization

Customers and clients do not want to be kept waiting. They will walk away if they realize a business is disorganized and dysfunctional. There is no reason to make a customer wait on files because they are not always at your fingertips. Instead of spending time tearing through paper files littered throughout your office, you could invest in a scanning system to fix this problem.

Office Solutions From Enoch Office, A DEX Imaging Company

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