Xerox Products and Solutions


Xerox yields many office benefits.

Xerox Corporation is the leading document management technology and services corporation in the world. This successful $17.6 billion company provides a diverse range of document related products and solutions. These include everything from, laser and solid ink network printers, fax machines, copiers, black-and-white printing and publishing systems, multifunction devices, digital presses, “book factories, and more. With Xerox your business can also have guidance in creating an online document archive, optimizing the way employees share documents and information, starting and maintaining in house mail rooms and print shops, and utilizing the web to manage mail, invoices as more. Xerox also offers the necessary support and software to make all of this work, as well as classic business staples such as paper, toner, and ink.   

Xerox Offers An Inclusive And Far-Reaching Support Network

With Xerox on your side, you have access to global knowledge at your doorstep via access to our system specialists and industry and IT partners. You also have access to continuous technology upgrades and improvements. You will always have the best and most up-to-date technology and information to keep your business growing.

Xerox Offers Around The Clock Support

Regardless of what problem you need to be solved or when, Xerox is always available to you. Dedicated customer call centers staffed by first and second-level technical support technicians, online interactive support only a click away, and the option to have on-site service engineers dispatched, you will never have to go it alone.

Exclusive Concurrent Multitasking Technology Will Change The Way You Do Business

The products Xerox offers are truly one of a kind and ahead of the curve to help your business achieve peak functionality day in and day out. Unlike equipment from other companies, machines from Xerox operate concurrently and independently. This means that you can scan while you are copying, copy while you print, print while you fax, and more.

The Benefits of Xerox SMart Kit Technology

This technology will truly change the way your business operates. Unless your business revolves around upkeeping printers and other such technology, and it is essential to your business model, there is no need to focus on their upkeep rather than essential business aspects. SMart Kit Technology makes sure that when a drum cartridge, toner cartridge, or any other part requires replacement, an alert is provided. Then the on-hand supplies can be easily and quickly changed with no stress or spending time making and waiting on service calls.


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