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MailOne 2.0 for PostBase gives new efficiencies and cost savings to PostBase users.

PostBase customers who add MailOne 2.0 to their meters can enjoy big savingson postage costs with Commercial Base Pricing and electronic Certified & Return Receipts; plus get the most out their PostBase with MailOne 2.0′s advanced operating, accounting, reporting, and tracking.

  • Save big on postage costs when you take advantage of USPS®Commercial Base Pricing (CBP) discounts.
  • Save time by processing & tracking USPS® electronic Confirmation ServicesCertified, and Return Receipt within the MailOne interface.
  • Tell your accounting folks about the comprehensive accounting and reporting.
  • MailOne 2.0 offers a single, convenient all-in-one shipping label that combines addresses, postage, and confirmation barcodes.
  • Unlimited, three-tier departmental accounts


Super Charge Your PostBase Mail Machine - See the Demo!

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