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NSi™ Output Manager™ provides organizations like yours with the confidence that only the person who printed the document picks it up. It also ensures true accountability for all output. So, whether the document was printed from a coworker’s desktop, mobile device or a back office system such as your ERP, EHR or other business system, NSi Output Manager dramatically improves the efficiency of your output environment, helps to reduce unnecessary printing, and ensures mission critical documents are printed at the right place, at the right time.

NSi Output Manager is designed to save your organization time and money by providing effective controls over the entire printer and MFD fleet. What’s more, the solution scales to fit any size organization and can be customized to fit your organization’s specific needs.

Ensure the secure collection of your printed documents at any network attached device. 

Any user in your organization can now collect documents at any device without worrying about which printer the job is sent. Authentication ─ done at the device using a company ID badge, swipe card, proximity card, keypad or mobile phone ─ allows the user to retrieve print jobs where and whenever they want. Click here to know more.

  • Ensure only authorized users can access MFD functionality.
  • Verify user identity at each device and record an audit trail of all activity.
  • Integrates with existing network credentials, including LDAP and Active Directory.
  • Works with a variety of 3rd party card readers and card types.
  • Help conserve resources, reduce costs, and create efficiency.
Fix output issues for your employees before they happen.

Monitoring printers and print queues allows you to know when a problem occurs. For instance, NSi Output Manager provides a real-time picture of everything that is happening in your company’s output processes by monitoring printers for errors and receiving immediate notifications when they occur. This includes common problems such as network problems, paper jams and more.

  • Monitoring of device status for proactive support by the IT helpdesk.
  • User can be alerted to the status of their documents either by email, text or pop up notifications on their computer.
  • Proactively and efficiently plan and manage printing resources.
Ensure cost containment through accountability

Knowing exactly how much your organization spends on printing is essential to maximizing the return on your printer investment and for minimizing the total cost of printer ownership. NSi Output Manager provides full accounting of where every page is printed or copied. A “charge back” can be setup based on your business’s need – based on user, client, department or project. Charge back reports can also be pushed and pulled on demand to a stakeholder or scheduled for automatic delivery.

  • Control print volumes and budgets more easily by setting device limits by user, application, color usage and many other attributes.
  • Use pop-ups to display declining balances, job costs and lower cost alternatives.
  • Keep precise billing and budgeting records.
  • Charge departments appropriately for centralized expenses (maintenance, consumables, etc.) of shared assets.
Automatically report on everything that happens on all devices.
Reports Area Chart Refresh

Automatically report on everything that happens at each of your printers. Find out which documents are printed, where, which employees use printers more often, the number of pages printed, the computer ordering the printing, the application printing the most, determine which devices are over-used or under-worked and more. Monitor your printing infrastructure with real-time, statistical displays of printing resources, and schedule automatic e-mail reports for full, detailed accounts of printing usage.

  • Automatically generate reports showing essential statistics and usage information.
  • Gain visibility of all printing and output.
  • Canned reports frees up your IT team from needing to develop reports and collecting of data.
  • Automatic delivery of reports keeps management informed.  No need for them to run their own reports.
Control what each user can or cannot do at the device

Control device usage and modify behavior by centrally establishing rules for cost effective printing such as enforcing duplex printing on specific applications, not allowing black and white printing on a color printer, and other money saving settings as well as automatically routing documents to the most efficient printers, e.g. large documents to the production printers. Apply rules determining who can use a device and how they can use it – including days of the week, amount of pages printed and more.  Of course, all users are provided convenient notifications e-mail, or pop-up notification-to efficiently adapt to any policy change.

  • Regain control of multifunction printers by restricting who can scan/fax/copy/print or use color.
  • Encourage responsible use of company resources and prevent inefficient choices. (Print Green)
  • Save money by redirecting print jobs to low-cost devices.
  • Build business rules to change user behavior.
Stop the unauthorized flow of sensitive information

Regulatory obligations are a constant concern for most organizations. Making certain that Personally Identifiable Information (PII) or sensitive business information is shared with only authorized audiences is an ongoing obligation. With NSi Output Manager, simultaneous monitoring and auditing of the information in documents destined for any of your organization’s printers is available, ensuring sensitive information is controlled before it is even printed to a page. Once identified, these documents can be sent to a secure print queue for temporary quarantine while a notification is immediately sent to a predefined manager for further analysis.

  • Improve the way your enterprise detects, investigates and deters wrongdoing.
  • Avoid critical security leaks.
  • Data protection enforcement.
Mobile Print and Secure Release
Mobile print

Release documents from your print queue using your smartphone or tablet. Courtesy of NSi Mobile, just scan the QR code (or any barcode) attached to your printer and immediately be presented with all documents in your print queue. A touch of the document’s name and it will then be immediately printed to the printer in front of you. This works great for both MFDs as well as single function printers. What’s more, files accessible to your mobile device can be submitted to your secure print queue and printed later. This can be accomplished behind your firewall or from any 3G/4G network using Android and iOS devices.

  • Save time and print your documents without entering extra information.
  • Get mobile documents printed when and where you need it.
  • Enables secure pull print on single function printers.
Guest Mode Printing

Just send an email to the email address designated for guests and the attachment will be made available for print on all multifunction printers for pick-up. An email is sent to the sender with a printing card ID and PIN that they can use to collect documents at any multifunction printer.

  • Great for organizations who want to offer printing to people who are not on the network.
  • Convenience.
Notable Solutions Universal PostScript Print Driver – Manage mixed printer fleets.

A company’s printer fleet usually consists of multiple brands and models, which can make management, support, and use of print devices challenging. NSi Output Manager is designed to simplify the task of managing multiple devices. You no longer need a unique driver for each printer model. The Notable Solutions universal print driver works with all PostScript printers, regardless of the brand.

  • Spend less time managing multiple devices with just one driver.
  • Cut down on IT support or help desk intervention.
  • A consistent driver and interface for all printing devices, eliminates the need to become familiar with and install multiple drivers for multiple machines on one PC.
Uninterrupted printing of all critical documents.

When the primary printer fails, jams, runs out of paper, or has other issues ─ business stops. NSi Output Manager can be configured to make certain you have guaranteed business continuity and can route the print job to a backup device and notify users and help desk colleagues alike of the situation.

  • Automatically bypass ‘down’ printers.
  • Optimise document workflows across production and office
  • Uninterrupted Mission critical printing.
  • Print the document without requiring help from the helpdesk.

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