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Using A Scanner Can Clear Your Office Space Instantly

Friday, April 28th, 2017

Using a scanner can do wonders for your workspace.

There is a high likelihood that your office is cluttered with unnecessary amounts of paper. In today’s market, we have the technology available to address this issue. Scanning systems are available to convert all those old-fashioned paper documents into electronic files with ease. By trimming down the paper, an office will have more space to be productive. As a result, increased productivity leads to heightened customer satisfaction. It is important to be aware of the multiple types of scanning options and features available. (more…)

Creating The Perfect Office Layout For Growth

Friday, March 17th, 2017
office layout

Creating the perfect office layout is easier than you think!

Every business wants to grow. In fact, growth is usually the number one priority for all business owners. Therefore, it is critical for business owners to understand how to develop the perfect office layout that can facilitate growth. (more…)

Ode To The Cubicle

Friday, March 10th, 2017

Getting comfortable with your cubicle is easier than you think.

Just about everyone who has worked in an office knows the word, whether it sends shivers of delight or dread down their spines—cubicle. While cubicles are a hot topic in the world of office furnishings, they serve many practical purposes. There’s a good reason why everyone has worked in one at some point during their careers! Here are some of the many reasons why we love cubicles and see them as important parts of every office. (more…)

Top Office Design Trends to Boost Productivity

Friday, February 17th, 2017
office design

Designing a productive office is simpler than it seems!

When it comes to designing your office, there are tons of things to take into account, from the furniture to the layout, to where exactly you will put all of your employees and office supplies. Here are some of the current top office design trends to help boost productivity in your office. (more…)

The Best Layout for Your Office

Friday, February 3rd, 2017
office layout

The best layout for your office.

Your office needs to serve a myriad of purposes—a productivity center for employees, an exciting and creative environment, and a professional face for your business. The layout that you choose for an office should be able to do all of the above. Sound intimidating? With Enoch Office you can transform your office from a dull workplace to an engaging and professional hub of your business. How can you choose the right layout for your office? (more…)

Office Moving and Relocation Checklist

Friday, January 20th, 2017
office space

What to do when you move your office.

Office relocation can be a huge pain—coordinating employees to help out with the job, making sure all of the file cabinets make it to your new destination and setting up all of your technology equipment at your new location. Here is an easy checklist to get you through the office moving process and keep all of your office furniture in one piece. (more…)

How Can My Office Benefit From New Equipment?

Thursday, December 22nd, 2016
Group of Architects Planning

How can your office work more efficiently?

As you get ready for a new year, you might be thinking about all of the personal resolutions you will make. Today we are going to focus on another type of resolution you can make for your office—new equipment! New office equipment like printers and scanners from Enoch Office can increase your office productivity and radically transform your workplace in the new year. Here are some of the biggest benefits of new office equipment from Enoch Office. (more…)

How Did the Department of Human Services Save Millions with Lexmark Technology?

Friday, December 16th, 2016
woman hands putting a sheet of paper into a copying device

Save time and money with Lexmark!

When it comes to office management, cutting costs and saving money is one of the top priorities. Thanks to Lexmark Technology’s new advancements, the massive Department of Human Services managed to save millions of dollars. How’s that for cutting down the office budget? Read on to find out how Lexmark Technology can save your office some serious dough. (more…)

4 Ways To Better Understand Your Millennial Employees

Friday, December 9th, 2016
Casual young people in meeting

How does your work environment attract millennials?

The key to a successful business is for an employer to manage his or her employees in the best way possible. Each year, more and more millennials are graduating from college and they’re trying their hand at the workforce. They may not need trophies to feel accepted, but they do need to be managed differently than their generation X counterparts. If you want to create a work environment that can profitably sustain millennials, then follow these 5 tips. (more…)

Going Paperless Prevents Climate Change

Friday, December 2nd, 2016
Ecology concept with wind mill - save nature

How can you decrease your carbon footprint?

There is almost no way you haven’t heard about the huge impact that climate change has had (and continues to have) on our planet. Looking for a way to help contribute to the environment but don’t know where to start? Go paperless! The simple process of going paperless can have a huge impact on reducing the amount of climate change occurring, your bottom line, and your organization. (more…)