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The Future Of Copiers, Scanners, And Printers

Friday, May 26th, 2017

Bulky copiers are a thing of the past.

Remember when this bulky office equipment cost an unimaginable sum, broke down all the time, drained you in repair costs, and took up about as much space as a person? With the advent of paperless technology, standard printers and copiers are becoming a footnote in office settings. Most of our communication is done via e-mail and document sharing, so why bother with the space and maintenance of an enormous printer and copier? What you want is the way of the future: the all-in-one, 3D printer, copier, and scanner. (more…)

How Collaborative Furniture Inspires A Collaborative Office

Thursday, January 5th, 2017

Office furniture to create a collaborative work environment.

We no longer work with immobile workers. We have evolved from being attached to desks and computers. These days, more and more offices are incorporating the use of laptops, tablets, and even smartphones, giving employees the opportunity to work from any location. (more…)

The Benefits of Leasing Office Equipment

Friday, November 8th, 2013

Leasing Office EquipmentIf you are a new small business owner, finances can get pretty tight, especially when you’re trying to find all of the equipment you need for an office. Items such as copiers, printers, and scanners don’t come cheap. While it is definitely nice to own your own equipment once you become an established company with some extra revenue, as a start-up, it is great to have the leasing option. Enoch Office Equipment offers an easy lease system, complete with service options and local customer services! Check out some of the benefits of leasing office equipment from Enoch.

  • Low costs now – You’ll be able to keep your costs down by leasing equipment instead of buying it up front. Saving money will give you more room to utilize your funds to help build your business rather than your office supplies. Since you know exactly what is coming out of your budget every month, it makes it easier to lease than to deal with unexpected costs.
  • Service options – Many times when you purchase something directly, it will come with a warranty but no service team or local customer support technicians. Enoch can offer you a service bundle with your leased equipment to help you make sure that your equipment stays up and running. A service option also means that you won’t have to suddenly drop a large sum of cash if something stops working.
  • Tax Savings – Believe it or not, leasing your office equipment can help you get more money come tax season. You can write the leased items off as a deductible on your taxes without having to worry about depreciation values or calculations.
  • Upgrades – It’s easy to trade things in for something that you like better than it would be if you immediately bought the item. Find out what you like first and upgrade if need be. The leasing option also helps you find out what brands you like best so that when you’re ready to buy your supplies, Enoch can help you find the perfect printer, copier, or scanner.

Leasing your equipment now will help you better equip yourself to buy it later. Get a head start on your small business by leasing office equipment from Enoch.

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