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The Benefits of Mobile Capture for Small Business

Friday, October 17th, 2014

Mobile Capture Small BusinessMobile Capture allows users to capture and send business information no matter where there are. This helps increase efficiency and productivity, helps standardize recordkeeping, helps improve customer service, and thus helps overall profitability.

The Benefits of Mobile Capture for Small Business

Imagine the following scenario:

You run a home improvement company, employing 15 estimators. Every day, those estimators wake up, get ready for work, drive to the office, and receive their orders for the day (including a binder full of forms), before setting off on their routes. At each appointment, the estimator has the customer fill out information on the proposal. The white copy is for company records, the blue copy goes to billing, and the yellow copy is for the customer. If each estimator has 20 appointments for the day, that’s 900 separate sheets of paper, 600 of which need to be returned to the office, sorted, and filed at the end of the day. Yikes! So your employees finish their routes, head back to the office, drop off the completed forms (full of rips, tears, and coffee stains) to the appropriate people, and head home. So much paperwork! And if any of these appointments turn into actual business, the paperwork starts all over again.

Now imagine the same scenario using Mobile Capture:

You run a home improvement company, employing 15 estimators. Every day, those estimators wake up, grab their company iPad, and look at the day’s appointments. There is no need to drive to the office. No need to waste gas (ca-ching!). Your employees can head straight to their first appointment of the day. When they arrive at the first house, they have the customer will out information on the iPad. When the estimate is complete, the completed form will automatically be sent to the customer’s email, billing, and the company’s records. There is no need to drive to the office. No need for senseless filing. Everything is done automatically. And when those estimates turn into actual business, all of the information is already at your fingertips. There is no need for the customer to fill out any additional forms. Everything is ready to go.

And this is just the tip of the iceberg.

Mobile Capture with Enoch Office

Designed specifically for small business owners who desire the benefits of mobile capture without the often-debilitating startup costs, Enoch Mobile Capture is flexible.

“Mobile capture to me is so much more than filling out a form or taking a picture from a location,” explained Lance Elicker, Director of Solutions at Enoch Office. “It’s all about the data that’s being entered and where that data is going.”

“We can help small businesses gain a competitive advantage by providing mobile capture technology on subscription basis. This eliminates the need for any IT purchases or maintenance that is costly. Which means instant ROI.”

If you would like to receive more information about Mobile Capture, please contact Lance Elicker at or 410-561-7600 x219. General inquiries can be made by call Enoch Office at calling (410) 561-7600 or clicking here today! You can also follow Enoch on Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, YouTube, and Pinterest.