A Handy Guide To Shredding


Shredding is a great tool for your business!

Is your office currently suffocating under stacks and stacks of folders and paper? Do you have sensitive documents to get rid of? If you are looking into document destruction but not sure where to start, here is a handy guide to shredding to ensure that you get the job done securely and properly.

Shred Often

One of the very best habits to get your workplace in is shredding frequently. This is especially true if your office handles a variety of sensitive documents. In fact, you can train your workers to shred things the moment that they are done with them. This way, documents don’t sit out on a desk or linger near the waste basket. Document security is critical to properly operating your business. Therefore, don’t leave it up to chance.

Shred Before You Recycle

It’s easy to think that recycling means your papers won’t be seen by any prying eyes. But unfortunately, that isn’t the case. There is nothing wrong with being environmentally friendly. However, don’t do so before shredding documents. Shredded paper is still recyclable in almost every area. If you are concerned about getting the job done right, hire a document destruction company to shred your sensitive documents and recycle them after the fact.

Shred with a Professional

If you have a heavy volume of documents to shred every week or want the job to be done in a totally secure environment, hire a professional document destruction company to take care of the process. You won’t need to invest in tons of shredders or worry about wasted productivity. Instead, a company can arrive as often as you need to pick up your documents. Afterwards, they take them to a secure facility to thoroughly shred them, and recycle them at the end.

Office Solutions from Enoch Office

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