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Make office life less hectic with document management and docuware!

Workflow Manager makes it simple for you and your colleagues to manage tasks, such as invoice authorizations, in a time-efficient and user-friendly manner. In order to get the most out of your Docuware system when using workflows day in and day out, keep these tips in mind.


What Workflow Manager Can Do For You

Workflow Manager can enable multiple colleagues to look at multiple portions of the same invoice seamlessly, and then initiate payment smoothly once everything is properly authorized. What makes this quick and easy processing possible? It is that workflows have their own database. This is wholly separate from the file cabinet data and a document’s index data. This means that when it comes to authorization decisions, they are not written into the index data, but are put in a database which belongs to Workflow Manager instead. This offers you and your business the benefit of speed. You technically do not even have to open a document to work on it. Opening the task in Docuware Client gets the job done.

You Will Never Have To Change Index Entries Again

When you utilize Workflow Manager to its full potential, you can allow a workflow to work on its own. Values are used from the document’s index data and then incorporated into your workflow. This is done using Workflow Designer, which allows you to assign index values to variables only one time. You can learn how to set up these variables and then decide whether to utilize them or not on a task by task basis, as needed. This can also be utilized to handle email.

Always Know What Decisions Were Made And When

When you make use of the workflow history option, you can easily trace any changes regarding docuware client or other facets. The workflow history option allows you to view all decisions made in workflow at any point with a simple click. You can see in one spot what changes were made to every document, and at what time they were made.

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