The Future Of Copiers, Scanners, And Printers


Bulky copiers are a thing of the past.

Remember when this bulky office equipment cost an unimaginable sum, broke down all the time, drained you in repair costs, and took up about as much space as a person? With the advent of paperless technology, standard printers and copiers are becoming a footnote in office settings. Most of our communication is done via e-mail and document sharing, so why bother with the space and maintenance of an enormous printer and copier? What you want is the way of the future: the all-in-one, 3D printer, copier, and scanner.

How It Can Apply To Your Business

A 3D copier and scanner are wildly futuristic and difficult to comprehend. We were all just starting to get used to 3D movies! 3D scanners capture imaging data from the source object and upload its structural information to the software; the printer can then access this rendering and print a replicate object using the original source. This can have unparalleled and untold impacts on saving money, on the design process, and on even on the location from which you work. Engineers won’t have to all be in the same place to design their model. Architects can dream an image, design it, and print it in a day without having to build it by hand. It will save investors time by being able to verify a design’s viability with the use of a perfectly scaled model. Increasing efficiency can only be beneficial to your company.

Consolidation And Bundling: Staying Ahead Of The Curve

The theme of the 21st century has been multi-functionality. Your phone is a search engine, a telephone, a calculator, and television, and a camera. Why shouldn’t your printer be a 2D AND 3D scanner, copier, and printer? The money it saves on space, toner, paper, and electricity is reason enough. Think about the time saved in purchasing office supplies, outsourcing for model-building engineers, mailing and faxing paperwork, and traveling from scanner to computer to back to the printer. When was the last time you bought a digital camera or a calculator? Save yourself a headache, and join Enoch Office– A DEX Imaging Company in the future.

Let Enoch Office- A DEX Imaging Company Find A Price And Product To Match Your Needs

Whether your concern is increasing productivity in your office or cost cutting, Enoch Office- A DEX Imaging Company has the expertise and equipment to get your office customized perfectly to meet your exact needs. We have the skills and tools to help your transition to a paperless office as easy as possible. We have countless office solutions and types of equipment available through our website. For more information, give us a call at (410) 561-7600 or visit us online. For more information on the latest office technologies, follow us on social media at FacebookTwitterGoogle+LinkedInYouTube, and Pinterest.

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