The Benefits of Using A Standing Desk at Work

Standing Desk

If you’ve been struggling with back pain at work, a standing desk might be the solution! Learn more below!

For many people, a standing desk is a weird concept. The idea of standing when you can sit seems somewhat outlandish. However, those people do not realize the negative impact they are putting on their body by sitting in an office chair all day. Standing desks are a fairly new piece of office equipment that is slowly gaining popularity. With a standing desk, you will feel better because your body will be thanking you.

Better Posture

If you are attempting to improve your posture, a standing desk is a great tool to use. If adjusted to the appropriate height, a standing desk will help prevent you from hunching over at your keyboard. It also helps you develop a stronger core which will lead to better overall posture.

Reduced Sitting Will Increase Lifespan

The longer you sit, the shorter your life will be. A typical workweek is 40 hours. If you are spending the majority of those hours sitting at your desk you are doing harm to your body. Human beings were not meant to be sitting for long periods of time. Any reason you can find to get up out of your chair will improve your overall health and wellbeing.

Reduced Risk of Cancer

Medical studies have shown that prolonged sitting can lead to colon and breast cancer. In addition, although it’s not conclusively proven, ovarian, prostate, endometrial and lung cancer have also been linked to excessive sitting.

Lesser Risk of Obesity

You will burn more calories by standing than sitting. Studies have shown that employees who spend their whole work day sitting down tend to gain more weight than those individuals who are constantly on their feet. Since obesity is higher than it has ever been, standing desks are starting to become more common in offices.

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