What’s with 3-D Printing


Enoch office is here to answer all of your 3-D Printing related questions.

With so many technological updates, changes, and advancements occurring at light speed, it can be easy to get lost in what feels like an endless sea of high-tech gadgets that are popular one moment and then discarded by the time you get a handle on them. Don’t fret, because Enoch office is here to answer all of your 3-D Printing related questions. If you’ve wondered what 3-D printing is, but didn’t know quite the right questions to ask, read on to learn the ABC’s of 3-D printing.  

What Is 3-D Printing?

A 3-D printer is wholly different from the paper printers that are office staples, and in fact has very little to do with them at all. Essentially, a 3-D paper creates a fully formed object by stacking layers of material on top of each other. This material is generally plastic or metal derived. 3-D printing has been radically transformed from its beginnings and is now used in a wide range of applications. It is currently commonly used by large manufacturers and designers to build prototypes.  

3-D Printing Is Becoming More And More Widely Used

While this technology is fairly new in the grand scheme, and a lot of its uses are more experimental, it could fundamentally change everything from business, manufacturing, tech, homebuilding, and even medicine over time. 3-D printing has innumerable applications, which clever scientists and entrepreneurs are discovering every day. Businesses are currently using it in the creation of everything from iPhone cases to lamps to jewelry to architectural models. One California start up is even beginning to work on utilizing 3-D printing to build houses. Many are saying that as it becomes the manufacturing norm, it may revitalize manufacturing at home in America.

The Numerous Applications of 3-D Printing

From printing entire houses to blouses, it is inevitable that this technology will become far more common as it improves and the technology becomes cheaper to purchase. A movement from handcrafted objects to digitally crafted objects is beginning to take place. From large companies utilizing 3-D printing to build models of parts before committing to their creation, to doctors and scientists beginning to 3-D print body parts, a revolution in technology is occurring.

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