When Is The Best Time To Repair Your Printer?


Knowing when your printer needs a repair is easier than you think!

Your printer gets a lot of use in your office throughout the year, whether it’s running off meeting agendas or printing important client information to store. If your printer is needing repairs and you’re considering purchasing another one instead of facing the facts, here are some simple reasons why it might be a better idea to repair your printer instead of replacing it altogether.

Check Your Ink Stash

Do you have leftover ink or toner? Almost every business carries a surplus of ink and toner to ensure that they don’t have to make an office supply run in the middle of a critical project (or just to take advantage of a great sale). Replacing your current printer with a new one will render all of that old ink useless and totally waste your money.

Time Is Worth Something

Taking the time to go to the store, price different printer models, install new printer software, and set up a new printer to your network can leave you down for longer than it would take to repair the printer in the first place. If you have a common printer model, this is particularly true. Parts are readily available and Enoch Office can provide you with quick and effective repairs.

Stick With What You’re Used To

While change over time is inevitable, changing for the sake of changing is never a good idea. Keep in mind that a new printer will mean re-training everyone in your office with how to use it. A new printer will affect the levels of productivity in your office for weeks or months after the fact and slow down the printing process as a whole. Instead of re-explaining how to use the new printer every week, repair your existing model for a lot less stress.

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