PostBase Special

In 2015, FP Mailing Solutions will be de-certifying several mail machines including the long time favorite of several of our clients, the T-1000, the optimail and optimail 30.

If you have one of these units currently they will need to be replaced in 2015.  With these units being removed from the field, FP is offering a special program for their loyal clients who upgrade their older units


The new product line, the FP PostBase, offers several new features including:

  • No Charge for Postage ResetsFPCOlor
  • Discounted Postage Rate Now for Metered Mail
  • Free Rate Changes Forever – No more rate chips to buy!
  • Internet Downloads for Postage, Updates and Rate Changes
  • Includes Postage Label Dispenser
  • FP Depot Service Program – No need for an additional service contract!
  • Add a Moistener/Sealer for just $6/Month
  • One low price and everything is included!
  • Additional Frequently Asked Questions About Your Upgrade – FAQ

The most popular replacements for the de-certified units are the PostBase 45 & the PostBase 30.

SPECIAL OFFER – For a limited time, FP Mailing and Enoch Office are offering special discounted pricing for clients who upgrade prior to the 2015 deadline.   To have an agreement sent to you today, check the appropriate box below!

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