Illumineto Spark – Content Delivery & Real-Time Tracking of Customer Engagement



Find, package and personalize the delivery of content for your prospect and have all their actions automatically update your Salesforce Opportunities, giving you more time to sell and close more deals. Customer engagement redefined.

Illumineto Spark is a sales engagement platform which helps sales professionals like you quickly find, package and personalize the delivery information most relevant to your prospect’s specific buying need. Whether it’s a case study or video, presentation or datasheet, Illumineto gives you real-time feedback for what items your prospect is reviewing (and for how long) giving you for the first time, critical insight into what is truly most important to them – all real-time! This helps you guide your continued sales strategy and future conversations to close the deal faster.

Illumineto Spark is used daily by sales reps worldwide throughout their sales process, from prospecting to engaging existing deals. Illumineto Spark is a critical complement to CRM systems and integrates with leading cloud storage and video services used by sales and marketing teams to store their sales enablement assets.


Content discovery: Helps you find the best content to share with your prospect wherever you (or your marketing team) keeps it. Integrates with all the most popular cloud storage and video services as many CRM systems.

Personalize your engagement: Create in just minutes a personalized webpage for each of your prospects or customers. Helping you differentiate yourself from your competitors, all content is professionally presented and delivered to your audience.

Real-time reporting: All of your prospect’s activities (email, document, video opens) are instantly reported to you via Chatter, Slack, smartphone and directly into your CRM Opportunity or Account record, giving you actionable insight.

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